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I lead technical software products at GM Energy. I am an energy and utility strategist, and I use my extensive experience with grid modernization and technology project implementation to run cross-functional teams; I've been described as a results-driven mentor who leads organizations to growth with a record of generating new business opportunities. I have expertise in utility transport protocols, forecasting regression algorithms, joint information modeling, and renewable clean energy technology. As an emerging technologies subject matter expert, I provide the foundation for next-generation ideas and contribute to the business development process.

Delvin Stephens
Strategic Advisement

“We can help your organization develop and implement strategies to achieve renewable technology goals. With our expert guidance and insights, we help clients make informed decisions.”

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“We can help your business create a renewable strategy that promotes sustainable energy sources, such as solar, wind, and hydropower, to encourage their adoption by consumers, businesses, and governments.”


“We can help your company stay up to date with technologies and best practices in an ever-evolving landscape”

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